We try our best to appeal to the Holloman community by providing a number of  exciting programs. You can sign up to learn 3D Printing, learn a new skill through our DAF website or join us for our weekly story time. We also offer themed events for a number of holidays and celebrations. 

Pre-K Story Time

Every Wednesday at 10:30 unless specified otherwise.   Join us for a themed read followed by a craft.   Volunteer opportunities available, contact staff for information.

Monthly Theme Events

Fun, encouraging events are available every month.  Stop by the Library to see what fun, interesting things we have available.

3D Printing

Learn how to 3D print using one of our three 3D printers.  Patrons are permitted 6 free prints every month.  Steps are Introduction,
3D Print 101, 201 & 301.  For more information CLICK HERE.

Raspberry Pi & Arduino Kits

Want to learn how to program a Raspberry Pi?  Maybe use an Arduino board to control LEDs to your house.  The library has stem kits available for checkout to learn the many possibilities you can accomplish.

Log into DAF Library website and learn a new language using your computer, smartphone or tablet!  Mango has lessons, including audio and video lessons, for all levels of learning. 

Discover, learn, grow, and connect at your Library.  Log into DAF Library website and find out what we can assist on tutoring options.

Log into DAF Library website and save money learning a large variety of DIY tutorials.

DAF Library website has a large collection of apps that you can read or listen.  Everything from Libby, Hoopla, EBSCO to Gale's eBooks.