Printing Service

If you need something printed, the Library has three different options available.
We have web portal, email and using PrintOn App.  You can print here at the Library or print from home and pick up the print at the Library.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Online & Mobile Print Service is not working.  We are diligently trying to resolve the issue.  You are welcome to come into the library and use one of our computers to print.     

Email Option

Logon to your email account and send/forward an email with the

document to be printed as an attachment to one of the following printers.

Black and White: ¢10

Black and White Doubled Sided: ¢20

Color: ¢25

Color Doubled Sided: ¢50

Come to Ahrens Memorial Library to pay and  print at the self service print station.

PrintOn App

Scan QRcode - most phones you can use your camera to scan the QRcode or you can visit website and enter 108318.

Upload your document
Adjust your settings

Stop by the Ahren's Library Print Station

Log into station

Pay for your print


Enter 108318 

Upload your document and adjust your settings.

Stop by the Ahren's Library Print Station

Log into print station

Pay for your print